Hello every, my name is Ms. Mallory and I am the Cuious Conservationist, an avid outdoors person with a love for nature and its preservation. As a former wildlife rehabilitator, zoo director and educator, I have connected with countless men, woman, and children to share the importance of conservation through education and action. Nothing gave me more drive, more fulfillment, than seeing someone walk away from a presentation with a smile on their face and a spark in the heart to want to make a difference for our natural world.

However, the desire to want to ‘do more’ never seemed satisfied. As of 2014, I decided to expand my platform to hopefully reach more people; and, as a result, make a greater impact for wildlife and the places they live.

Through videos, blogs, and live-interactive sessions, I am a virtual nature guide that educates others about the wonders of nature, avenues to develop a deeper connection with the outdoors, and provide easy ways they can make a big difference for our wildlife.

My services are free and I am a one woman production, marketing, and technological team. If you would like to support this endeavor, the funds will strictly be used for purchasing educational materials ( props, skulls, project materials) that I will be using in videos and classroom skype session, as well as providing neededl items to non-profit/volunteer programs that I will be highlighting in the future. No funds will be used for travel.

Although monetary support is incredibly helpful and can catapult this endeavor to incredible heights, your support by sharing my posts and teaching others what you have learned is the greatest contribution you could offer.

Thank you for caring so much and, until next time, this is Ms. Mallory inviting you to . . .Step Outside & Adventure.

Step Outside & Adventure

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