This Simple Secret Will Get You Outside MORE!

What is the secret to more ‘nature time’? This simple, easy to accomplish secret will have you outside in no time enjoying breathe-taking views and discovering fascinating creatures!

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So what this secret?  Would you believe me if I said . . .Knowledge.


But that sounds a bit counter-intuitive, right? How can I get outside more if I am stuck inside reading and researching?

To this day I still remember being enamored with those ‘old school’ wildlife shows like Mutual of Omaha, David Attenborough, Gerald Durrell, Steve Irwin. . . the list could go on.  Their passion, and weekly adventures, fever failed to peak my interest and teach me something new and fascinating about our animal kingdom.  Those bits of knowledge created the kindling that now fuels my passion.

Why is this?

Knowldege leads to confidence.  And once connected, these two qualities will create an incredibly powerful, ever-evolving cycle.

Think about anything you enjoy doing.  The more you learned about the hobby, job, or subject the more confident you were in completing the task.  With the more time you invested, the more you wanted to enhance your knowledge and better your skills.

It was an never ending wheel of productivity.

So how can you use this innate skill set to increase your time outside?

Start with this simple trick:

Learn one new thing about your local flora (plants) and/or fauna (animal)  and go find it.

Learning about elephants, tropical jungles, and many of the other fascinating things from around the world is great, but more than likely these locations will not be easily accessible to you.  Finding something fascinating, that is also easily viewable, will encourage you to go seek it while maintaining the confidence of being in an area you are familiar with.


Don’t know what would be fun to learn about?  Here are a few of my favorite topics:
  • Animals I am afraid of
  • Medicinal Plants
  • Wildflowers
  • Edible Plants
  • Unusual Habitats around me
  • Diurnal (Active during the daytime) Birds
  • Diurnal Insects
  • Animal Tracks and signs
  • How litter affects local wildlife
  • Of course, reptiles and other creepy crawlers. . .

For example:  I was once terrified of being stung by bees . . .who isn’t, right?  However,  after researching and discovering some really fascinating facts like- not all bees have stingers, most bees are too focused on collecting food than to mess with a boring human, or that every third bite of food we take is made possible because of a bee– I was able to enjoy my outings more and even create a garden to attract the little guys for better viewing.

Here is a little fun fact bee guide if you would like to learn more!

 Fun, Easy Ways to Educate Yourself

  • Youtube– In fact, my Curious Conservationist Videos are pretty informative (wink, wink)
  • Read a Book- It is old school, but one of my favorites.
  • Blogs- It is a virtual world and google is your driver.
  • Take a Class– I LOVE taking classes provided by my local nature center, park, tracking society, and botanical garden. Even better, they are usually free!
  • Volunteer- By far one of my favorite forms of education.  You are surrounded by people with immeasurable knowledge about the subject you are interested in and you are already making a difference for them.

Fresh air, exercise, and an appreciation for the outdoors is beneficial for everyone.  Why not do it with a little knowledge and a bit of confidence to match?

Until ext time my friends, this is Ms. Mallory inviting you to. . .

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What local plant/animal would you like to learn more about? Please click on the comment button and let me know.

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