Get to Know Ms. Mallory

Get to Know Ms. Mallory

Known around the globe for her passion for wildlife and love for teaching , Ms. Mallory works diligently in spreading her message: encouraging everyone to. . .

Step Outside & Adventure.

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Not only did Ms. Mallory oversee conservation breeding programs of many rare and endangered species, but also provided unique opportunities for the public to learn about wildlife..

Does this mean you have to be scaling mountains or traveling to exotic location?  No, not at all.   It can be as simple as trying something new, like a cleaning up your local park or going on a family nature walk!

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Ms. Mallory with school children learning about decomposers

As a former zoo director, wildlife rehabilitator, and wildlife educator, Ms. Mallory has seen the immense impact connecting people (especially children) with nature has. . .Today, she continues to develop that connection as a virtual nature guide and presenter.

What is a virtual nature guide?

It is no surprise that more people are watching their electronics than playing outside.  Therefore, I decided to venture where I knew eyes would be.  Through videos, blogs, Skype presentations, and guest appearances, I educate others about wildlife, wild places, conservation, and the need to experience ‘Nature’ firsthand.  Hopefully, with this new education, people will take a few minutes each day to step outside and experience the amazing things the natural world has to offer.


In addition to her career with native and exotic wildlife, Ms. Mallory is
also a spokesperson, media ambassador for the San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society, outdoor enthusiast, and avid hicateecommunity service volunteer.  Currently she is traveling the world photographing and filming wildlife, helping conservation groups spread their message, providing free outreach programs to children,  getting muddy, and broadening the term ‘conservationist.’




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