Step Outside & Adventure
Those words pretty much sum me up.  In addition to its literal term, this slogan also means to go beyond what you think you are capable of and learning from each challenge.

Hello, everyone!  My name is Mallory Lindsay, aka Ms. Mallory, and I am an unconventional teacher-and student- with a love for adventure and a desire to connect people with nature.  I travel the world to learn about wildlife, global issues, grassroot conservation programs, and simple ways the ‘average joe'(like myself) can connect with the outdoors.

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Ms. Mallory with school children learning about decomposers

Throughout my career as a wildlife educator, I saw the immense impact connecting people (especially children) with nature had.  Connections create excitement and a desire to learn more; which is, I believe, the most essential building block of conservation.  My goal is to find countless ways for people to develop connections with wildlife and protect the places they call home.

I have a love for photography/cinematography, helping fellow conservation groups spread their message, getting muddy, and broadening the term ‘conservationist.’


Ms. Mallory is also a certified Wildlife Rehabilitator, spokesperson, writer, media ambassador for the San Diego Turtle and Tortoise Society, outdoor enthusiast, and an ICO volunteer that connects inner city children with the outdoors.  
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Step Outside & Adventure

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