Travel Update:

Hi everyone, I am off to Sri Lanka to volunteer alongside the Sri c3fde8_b2438fee47e1483cb5df243998ac9ca7Lanka Wildlife Conservation Society (SLCS) at the Wasgamuwa National Park.  During my stay, I will be:

-Collecting data to help develop more resolutions for Sri Lanka’s human/elephant conflict program

-Participating in community outreach programs

-Collecting data on sloth bears and other native fauna

-Exploring the vast jungle in search for seldom seen wildlife like the star tortoise, the Sri Lankan bloodsucker, or the golden civet.

*Reception may be lacking (go figure in the middle of the jungle, lol).  Please accept my apologies for no new videos/ images for the next few weeks; however, I promise it will be worth the wait.  If service is available, I will try to upload pictures via social media so be sure to follow on your favorite platform and sign up for the Step Outside & Adventure newsletter for a complete breakdown of my trip when I come back on July 23.*  


-Ms. Mallory

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